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Random Thoughts For Episode 2 Of Stranger Things 4

Welcome back to another episode of Shit We Would've Tweeted If Stranger Things Was Released Live Instead Of All At Once. Since I am a blogger at my core and respect anybody that respects the written word, I will not drop a couple of YouTubes on your lap in exchange for your click but actually throw out some random thoughts in old school bullet form before skedaddling. Thank you to everybody that has subscribed to the My Mom's Basement YouTube, where these videos are exclusively being uploaded since Obi-Wan is taking up the audio podcast feed.

- During our Hawkeye recaps, I created a C Word Watch for Kate Bishop's mom because she had some tendencies of a C Word but I wasn't ready to declare her one. Well there is no C Word Watch for Angela in Stranger Things. There is a C Word Warning because that C Word is the worrrrrrst. I never thought I would enjoy watching a kid get their head split with a rollerskate wheel, but here we are. Hopefully saying this doesn't trigger Barstool to take away my parenting podcast.

- While we're on the subject of Podfathers this week's episode is out now! Download/Subscribe/Rate 5 Stars to stick it to the suits on the third floor here.

- Nancy Wheeler. That's the tweet. That could be the blog. That should be Mrs. Clem. 

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- Fuck, this is the one blog I write that my wife may actually read. I take it back honey and consider us even after hearing of this betrayal earlier today.

- Speaking of Nancy, I no longer wish Steve dies a painful death for what he did to her Season 1 and to be honest I actually like him. I will never forgive nor forget what he did. But him and Dustin are a Tier 1 duo on TV right now.

- As an 80s baby, I am thrilled hat there is a video store setting in this season since I can still smell my old local video store and see the wrestling pay-per-view VHS's I would rent. However, it cannot be discounted just how much it suuuuuuucked to get to the video store and see the movie you wanted to rent was sold out. Kids will never know how good they have it these days with access to every movie and TV show at their fingertips in 4k HD.

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- Again, as someone that lived throught the 80s, I can confirm that roller rinks rule and will make a comeback by the year 2030. Book it.

- The actor that plays Enzo is wayyyyyy too handsome to be a Russian guard and I need his story to get better because this guy fucking RULED as The Many Faced God.

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- I actually did tweet a video of how I saw Stranger Things 4 vs. Obi-Wan being scored after two episodes.

No spoilers but I think the score may have changed after 3 episodes.

- I can't be the only person that thought Murray died, right? I'm not sure if it's a Mandela Effect thing or just forgetting what happened in Season 3, which feels like a lifetime ago. But I would've responsibly bet the house on the Barstool Sportsbook this dude died a gruesome death at the hands of the Russians.

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For more random thoughts, check out our Episode 1 recap below and be on the lookout for the Episode 3 recap later today on the My Mom's Basement YouTube.