EBR Boots On The Ground And That Means Root Root For The Home Team!...Tonight's EBR Winner: A Daily Bet In The NHL Playoffs

The NHL playoffs round 3 are ready and boy oh boy are there some storylines. This blog has been an everyday staple in the life of the EBR bettors who want to cash tickets.

GAME OF THE NIGHT - Edmonton Oilers @ Colorado Avs (Series Avs 1-0)

Barstool Sportsbook Odds: Colorado AVS ML -186 Over 7.5 +110

Murls Breakdown: 

Game 1 in this series was exhausting! If you read the blog for game 1 and rode with EBR the first period alone was enough of a sweat to last the night. The 3-way Avs was looking great then a late goal by Hyman almost made me break a window but on my way to find the blunt object Makar just decided that he wanted to score and then the jubilation happens. The review was mayhem cause nobody knew the rule, but the correct call was made for the goal to stand and it was a roller coaster every true bettor wants.  

The game ended up having tons of goals and 4 goalies playing was unreal.  The Oilers fought back for the fans and almost got there.. Only to have the Avs late empty net to hit the PL Jesus. Whit and I on the stream were exhausted.


We are on to game 2 and EBR will be in the building.  I can not wait to soak up the atmosphere and continue to meet fans. But Denver is an expensive town so I need a little more change in my pocket. Followers of EBR know boots on the ground is the home team or the over always so I think the Avs make some adjustments and realize that the Oilers have a ton of firepower so they have to be more diligent in their own zone. The unknown is the health of the starter but I think if the back up plays for the Avs this will be a benefit knowing that they have to take care of their own end more.  I feel this game will be tighter but the Avs understand home ice is a big thing in this series and do not want to lose it.



Here is the side note.. The boys have an early flight up to Alberta so I am concerned this will end up being the longest game in history so that my lack of sleep continues. I am here for the crew.  So I am trying to bet that the game will not go to OT. 


AVS 3-way -118 

Goal in the first 5 minutes +133


Avs 3-way 1st period +125 = W

Over 6.5 -140 = W

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