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RIP Marion Barber

There has been a rash of NFL players passing away way too young, with Marion Barber dying at the age of 38 being very much the case. I still remember when the Cowboys drafted him when the Giants rumored to be interested in a running back then seeing his college highlights where he was Truck Sticking opponents trying to tackle him at the University of Minnesota and immediately being terrified that the Giants were going to have to deal with him twice a year (The Giants took Brandon Jacobs with the next pick, which has to be the toughest 1-2 punch of running backs selected consecutively in NFL Draft history).

Getting the name Marion The Barbarian instantly made him a 99 Break Tackle in my mind as the Cowboys thumper they paired with Julius Jones and Felix Jones back when the NFC East was much closer to NFC Beast status.

Also I'm not sure if our souls are slowly withering away on the internet or the last few years have numbed us to death, but seeing more and more obituaries like this on Twitter that sound like they were written by Mike Francesa weirds me out.