Ho-Hum Day At The Lithuanian Basketball Final: Coaches In A Dust Up, An All-Time Flop And An Owner Trying To Fight The Opposing Coach

There's a lot going on here but we gotta talk about the flop by the Rytas head coach. It's unbelievable. He went flying without even realizing the other coach was kicked out of the game already. You didn't need to sell it. You didn't need to look like every wide receiver when there's an incomplete pass. But this is game 3 of the Lithuanian basketball finals, this is why the owner is ready to throw hands. You gotta leave it all out there. You gotta set the tone for game 4 that your owner might come out of the stands and hit someone. Get the opponent thinking about anything but the game. 

I know this would typically be reserved for European soccer, but European basketball is wild man. There's always some sort of commotion going on, typically from fans. I'm pretty sure European basketball stadiums are the only place where it's okay and accepted to bring flares and sorts of fire inside. Seems like it could and should be a problem but again, not in European basketball. 

I just can't believe the flop. That overshadowed the owner losing his marbles for me. Canak knew what he was doing with that elbow. He wanted a little nudge but that's guys being dudes. The Rytas head coach throwing the arms up and diving back into the bench is just A+ material. I've watched and laughed at that part more than I care to admit.