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I Am Lucky To Have Stu Feiner in my Life

I turned 39 years old yesterday. And I have never been treated better on a birthday in my life than I was by the legend Stu Feiner.

Stu showed up with this absurd cake for Picks Central to start the festivites.

The playing cards and picture with the lovely Megan Makin' Money were fantastic touches.

After Picks Central, Stu took Billly, myself and his son to the famous Keene's Steak House in Manhattan. It was founed in 1885 and was on my New York Restaurant bucket list.

And then we went all out. Lobsters, Steaks, Sides, Desserts...... you name it we ordered it. 

I got the King's Cut of Prime Rib and check this thing out!

I also tried the famous mutton chop with homemade Mint Jelly. Mutton is not served in many other places in US anymore but Keene's still does it well. It is a one year old lamb from the saddle.

One of my favorite things about Barstool is the random combination of people. And it does not get much better than this pic.

Thank You Stu for a wonderful 39th birthday celebration I will not forget anytime soon. Now time to go eat some leftover steak at home….

Damn my 30s have been so so good to me.

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