2.8 Million People Are Watching The Live 'Law & Crime' YouTube Channel Awaiting A Verdict In The Heard/Depp Trial (WATCH HERE!)

The verdict was supposed to have been read at 3pm and as of this blog it's about 3:15 but no verdict. 

Apparently the 'damages' page was accidentally left blank by the jury when they came out to announce their decision, and they had to go back in which is holding things up. Meanwhile, the numbers on the Law & Crime page is rising exponentially... (Maybe if Rasslin' switched over to this type of content for a while...). It's been crazy to see that this trial has spawned a whole cottage industry of TikTok stars, talking-head lawyers, etc. who have risen to their own minor fame just commentating on it. Interested to see the fallout when the verdict is finally announced.