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Boots On The Ground Means EBR Will Follow The Rules!!..Especially When #99 Is In The House

The NHL playoffs round 3 are ready and boy oh boy are there some storylines. This blog has been an everyday staple in the life of the EBR bettors who want to cash tickets.

GAME OF THE NIGHT - Colorado Avalanche @ Edmonton Oilers (Series Avs 2-0)

Barstool Sportsbook Odds: Oilers ML +120 Over 7 +104

Murls Breakdown: 

EBR knows the rules.. And rule #1 when boots are on the ground you take the home team and/or the over.  This series is not over, we know Mcjesus is going to have an answer in front of the rabid fans in Edmonton.  Two things excite Oilers country, a new Aldo store, and Oilers playoff hockey.   The Oilers can not get wrapped up in chasing the Avs around and try to rough them up.  The Avs are too focused on the goal of winning and last game in Denver there were too many bad penalties that would kill any momentum. 

If the Oilers can get back to playing fast and winning the battles off the wall they have a chance.  But as we all saw last game if you take a nap on the Avs they will score fast and put the game to bed. But the great thing about this series is that the Oilers can do the same.   Smith seemed to find a better place in game 2 and appears to be seeing how the Avs attack.   The Oilers need to get the puck deep and pin the Avs in their own zone, with way too many easy one-pass breakouts.  

Game 3 with the Chiclets crew in the building may be news but the biggest news is 99 in the house.  The man who literally made the Oilers franchise will be watching over the team like a godfather.  So I am not going to pick against the home team and have the Great One lean over and scratch his cheek “ never go against the family”.  

I think Mcjesus and the German know how big this game is. This is a do or die for a team in front of the home crowd. Also, Francois played great in game 3 but he is a backup for a reason and the Oilers have to get in his face and shoot from everywhere to make him work.  Do not let life be easy for him! 

Plus the Whit, a man of his word is in the house and he is due for a home win. Let's go!  A key will be secondary scoring from other players, not 97 or 29… will Hyman please stand up. 


Oilers ML +120 

Hyman anytime goal +150


Avs 3-way = W

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