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Enema Of The State Is Now 23 (But I Still Like It!)


As the old saying and every girl who has ever had an Instagram says, "nobody likes you when you're 23". Well, if you told me 23 years ago when somehow my parents allowed me to buy a CD with a pornstar as the album cover that I'd be blogging about it now, I would be like what the fuck is a blog? Like on Xanga? Do people remember Xanga? Those were when blogs were BLOGS. Just a bunch of emo kids writing about holding hands at the mall. Simpler times.

But anywho, yes it's true, Enema of the State is now 23 years old. Incredible how old that makes me feel. I literally remember the first time I listened to it. One of those defining moments of my life and it without a doubt changed the trajectory of it. Falling in love with Pop-punk music led to getting the "Mark, Tom, And Travis Show" live CD, and it was after hearing the jokes on that album when I realized you could professionally make incest jokes for a living. And now here I am. 

Enema not only got me into the music that I love, but it has stayed with me for more than 2 decades. Blink (with Tom) is my favorite band of all time. Also a shame one of my other favorite bands, Oasis, also does not perform together anymore. If OAR breaks up just bury me under the jail. 

In 2018 I ranked the songs on EOTS. People got mad at me because "Aliens Exist" is my least favorite on it. And it still is.



The list goes:

12) Aliens Exist

11) Anthem

10) The Party Song

9) Dysentery Gary

8) Mutt

7) Don’t Leave Me

6) What’s My Age Again?

5) Wendy Clear

4) All The Small Things

3) Adam’s Song

2) Dumpweed

1) Going Away To College


Depending on time of day, mood, climate, altitude, humidity, etc a lot of songs in the middle can be bumped up or down a slot or two. All The Small Things, for example. I normally wouldn't slot it a 4, but then you hear 20,000 people sing it in unison at a hockey game and you remember how you felt hearing that song at 13 singing it with your friends.



Dysentery Gary probably deserves better than 9, and maybe I rank Don't Leave Me a bit too high? It's impossible to say. But one thing is for sure, Going Away To College is number 1 and Dumpweed is number 2, and Adam's Song is number 3. 

Anyway, as happens with lists (DON'T SAY LIST!), people are happy to argue and give their own opinions. Happy 23rd, Enema.