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Random Thoughts For Episode 1 Of Stranger Things 4

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Look, there are a lot of things I like about Stranger Things. Pretty much every character they introduce lands exactly how they want them to. The nostalgia is A++++ for an 80s baby like myself. And pretty much every single episode lands with the perfect cliffhanger that has you fiending another episode, even if your ass is asleep from staying in the same spot while watching the last three episodes.

However, the biggest flaw is that Netflix drops these all at once, which is great for people that love binging and sitting through those ass-numbing marathons. But I miss the big event feel of a show as beloved as Stranger Things premiering every week like Game of Thrones was before Benioff & Weiss crashed the landing. So Bob Fox and I decided to hop into the basement to bang out a quick recap around 15 minutes long of each Stranger Things 4 episode. It's kinda like the old Random Thoughts blogs that used to reign at Barstool back when the blog was the big and pretty much only swinging dick piece of content here, except it's in video form since that's what apparently pays the bills these days.

So check our quick hitter for Episode 1, which you can only find on the My Mom's Basement YouTube (click here to subscribe to get it as soon as it goes live). 

Also we launched a fire flames right out of Vecna's worst nightmares so get them while they last!