Someone Get Baker Mayfield On A Plane To Cleveland...Deshaun Watson Has Thrown A PICK SIX

Oh no. This is not good. Not good at all. On the THIRD PLAY of camp this afternoon, Deshaun Watson has already thrown a pick six???

Giphy Images.

$230 MILLION? Someone send a private jet down to Lake Travis ASAP. I know a guy with 23 less lawsuits against him that can do this for less than half the price.

Alright, obviously I'm joking. But guys, there are people on the internet right now that are not. Is this really how Cleveland is going to be? Living and dying on every play, calling for Baker back on the first sign of adversity? This right here is reason #1 why we need to bite our lip, suck it up, and get rid of Baker for whatever it costs. We can't do this all year. Deshaun Watson is going to throw an interception, and although unlikely, he may even lose a game.

To quote the great Aaron Rodgers, who was a consensus Top 3 starter in the league last year (and now a Top 4 based on who is back in the mix), everyone needs to R-E-L-A-X. All this clip shows to me is that the defense is elite. Great play on the ball by JJ.