Mind-Blowing Stat: Lexi Thompson (Age 27) Is Teeing It Up In Her 16th US Women's Open This Week

Every year when the US Women's Open comes around, this little factoid pops up and blows my mind.

It really doesn't even seem possible. 27 years old and this is your 16th go at this thing?

Listen, I understand how math works. When you make the US Open at age 12, that's a heckuva head start to pile up those numbers. But that in itself is insane. 12 years old and you're teeing it up with the world's best? Wild.

What's more impressive is the fact that she followed it up by making it every year there after. That expectation comes with being a generational talent, but it's so easy to fall off of the mountain after making a splash at such an early age. 

I get that the men's side is deeper and it's not apples to apples, but it feels like every teenager that comes along and makes a name for themselves early flames out, and flames out quick. Remember Ty Tryon? Kid made the cut at the Honda at age 16 and turned pro not long after and never made it. Guan Tianlang? Kid was 14 when he made the cut at the fucking MASTERS and we basically never heard from him again. And of course on the women's side, we had Michelle Wie as a phenom just a few years ahead of Lexi and her career (while respectable and is actually coming to a close this week) wasn't really close to what everyone had imagined. Meanwhile Lexi Thompson kept plugging alone, qualifying for every US Open the past decade and a half plus.

She's a major storyline this week. As great as her (long) career has been, she's only got one major to her name and it wasn't the US Open. Last year she had it right there in front of her for the taking, holding the 54 hole lead and growing that lead to 5 strokes at one point on Sunday. But she crumbled on the back 9 with a 41, including bogeys on 17 and 18 to miss the playoff (ultimately won by Yuka Saso) by one shot.

It'll be fascinating to watch how she bounces back after such a tough L. She's +1200 to get the job done. Would be a great story if she wins. And heck… if she doesn't? Ain't no thang. She's 27. Plenty more bites at the apple.

PS: Another one that just crossed my feed. Ridiculous.