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Don't You Ever Dare Think About Challenging John Daly To A Belly Flop Contest

Let's go to the judges

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That's just John Daly man. He saw someone attempt a belly flop and fail so he had one of two options. Play along and let this guy have a little shine or show him what the hell a belly flop looks like. He chose the correct option. It even started by climbing up on that little bench which was the real A+ move here. Anyone can just jump off the dock, Daly wanted more air time. Smart because everyone knows that's how you get a bigger splash. 

Then there's the celebration. 'That's a fucking belly flop.' Can we print those shirts? That feels like it should be a shirt. It's just John Daly's world man. Dude is here to have a good time. It's also why he's on everyone's list for 'who you want in your golf dream 4some' answer. It's always John Daly. 

Hit the music.