Congress Has Requested Dan Snyder And Roger Goodell Come Have A Little Chat With Them


I gotta believe Dan Snyder doesn't get invited many places. Gotta be one of the only billionaires who doesn't go to weird billionaire parties. He sits at home twiddling his thumbs, drinking whatever lizard blood he can get his fat grubby hands on while checking his Instagram burners seeing how much fun the other billionaires are having. 

But despite that, I cannot imagine Lil Dan Dan will accept Congress' invitation to testify about the toxic workplace culture in the Commanders front office. I also can't see Roger Goodell testifying about how he had an investigation and then swept it all under the rug when he saw the results. 

This may be one of those "well if you have nothing to hide, why don't you come do it?" type of things. To which Dan Snyder would earnestly reply 



Honestly, you can't blame him. As long as Goodell and the Shield are willing to protect him, what does he care? Why would he willingly cooperate with Congress? 

As always, we shall see what happens. There's gotta be a way to get this motherfucker out of the league. Gotta. Hopefully Bezos has his 10 best PIs on the case. I still believe it'll happen, that one day he'll be gone. Please baby Jesus, one time.