What a beautiful display of masculinity that both dads would have yelled at their kids about if they were engaging in horseplay around the pool. As a dad, sometimes you need to find out if you still have it and these dads both clearly do. Not the ability to fight. No no no. Green Shorts' right hook was the only punch worth its salt during that entire brouhaha.

I'm talking about the ability to take a tumble and get back up. Father Time ain't never lost and has clearly taken most of the fight out of these dads' respective bods. But the ability to get back up is the most important ability of all, which is a bar these two gladiators were still barely able to clear before having their fun broken up by a young pup that doesn't hold a candle to them in the siring department, the weight department, or the pointing and yelling department which these gentlemen had down pat.

Speaking of dads, Father's Day is this Sunday and you probably got your old man something he is going to hate. So make it up to him by getting him some dad stuff from the Barstool Store.

Hopefully the suits at Barstool see this and keep my parenting podcast alive through Father's Day. Last week Large and I rebuked the dickhead at Disney that broke up that young couple's engagement attempt, the even worse Disney couple that didn't supply food at their wedding for their guests because they spent that part of the budget for Mickey and Minnie Mouse to attend, and if it's okay to be happy that your kid got you out of having to host a birthday party because they got sick (The answer is always yes btw).