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VIDEO: Grizzly Bear Eats Moose Calf, Momma Moose Attacks

This one comes to us from Montana! Nature in action. A hungry bear getting an easy snack.

How does the mother moose not see that Grizzly? I mean that must of been a pretty steep embankment for the moose to not be able to see that Bear walk right up to those moose calves. Also Darwinism, those calves didn't do shit to run away. That's Darwinism, the calf that ran away survived. Anyway a little while after the Momma Moose finally realized her child got brutally murdered 5 feet away from her and tried to chase off the bear. 

This is even more impressive than the first video, the speed those animals are running is crazy. The statistic that bears are as fast as racehorses really ring true here. Check this video out.

Back to the tik tok: Then that bear just pulls a bird ass move and runs into a glass door. Also, moose are so badass. Like imagine making a bear run like that. Like a grizzly bear, one of the most badass creatures on earth is willing to run inside a house to escape the wrath of an angry momma moose.