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A Big Time Congrats To This Minor League Umpire Who Delivered The Softest, Most Pathetic Ejection You'll See

I gotta give it to this guy, this ump knows what people want. They want to see umpires be the story of a game. It's why I have the utmost respect for refs and umpires everywhere. Granted I would never yell at a Little League umpire, I will yell about minor leagues. Everyone knows you want to see an umpire or ref overreact and change the entire game with one simple decision. Nothing warms my heart like seeing them control the game the way they need to. 

I've mostly been out on robot umpires, but this? This gives me hope that there's something better out there. This isn't a missed ball/strike call. This is an umpire ejecting a dude for taking his shin guard off and it rolling and hitting him. Can we use our brains for a half second here? The batter just got a walk. Why would he be upset? 

This has always been my problem with refs and umps. They make it about them, they change a game with a shitty call and don't get punished. They don't even have to answer questions like we make every athlete. If you want to be part of a game you should have to handle a press conference. While we're on umpires, fuck Rich Garcia. That's all I have to say. 

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