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Will Levis Is A Lock To Be Drafted In Next Year's First Round Strictly For His Ability To Consistently Piss Off Louisville

Oh my goodness. This basically sums up how I feel: 

Giphy Images.

Nobody and I mean nobody loves to piss off Louisville quite like Will Levis. It's endearing. It's what you're supposed to do in college sports. You throw horns down at Texas people. You throw L's down at Louisville. You shouldn't try to poison all of the oak trees at Toomer's Corner, but you piss off Auburn fans. 

No one has embraced being a rival more than Will Levis too. Dude just loves to throw L's down. It's why he should be a lock to be a first round pick, no matter what the big dummy Big T thinks. 

Or how much Brandon Walker wants to argue about it. 

There's a reason every mock draft so far has Levis in the first round. Big arm, can run the ball, makes good decisions, had a good year with really just 1 weapon at receiver. I would like to add him to my mock draft because of the L's down with his girlfriend in a pool. That's how you subtly piss people off and I want a guy who will piss people off on my team.