JJ Redick Changed His Phone Number 15 Times A Year At Duke Because There Will Never Be A More Hated College Hoops Player

I honestly don't think we'll see someone like a JJ Redick again. Part of it was the era he played in and now lives in. Part of it is the fact that guys like him aren't at Duke long enough to be hated and then somehow turn around and be entertaining as hell post-NBA. It makes no sense if we're being honest. It's why we have to keep remembering to separate the two. Duke JJ Redick? Fuck that guy. This JJ Redick? I'll listen to and enjoy him riling up people like Mad Dog. 

Now here's the thing. We won't ever see someone hated like JJ Redick because of this sort of clip. Everything now is done via social media and sliding into DMs or tweeting at someone. Calling someone all hours of the day? Diabolical. Getting phone calls sucks. There's nothing worse than hearing your phone going off and seeing it's a number you don't know. Plus, this was the early/mid 2000s, you could just hit *68 and not let your number show up. Then there's all the stories you heard about JJ. I remember still hearing about how people would find his AIM name and shoot him messages all day and night. Dude couldn't just live. That's how you know you're hated.

Just think of all the annoying dudes Duke had. Laettner, Hurley, Paulus, Grayson, Danny Ferry, Shane Battier, etc. The only other one that embraced being a villain like JJ was Laettner. The difference though was Laettner was too early. It was the perfect storm with JJ to the point where Maryland fans - not UNC fans - led the charge of hating him. 

I need to talk to the guy who started passing around JJ's number. That's the dude I need more information on. If they went to Duke and did it, why? Why go to Duke if you hate them? Did JJ do something to piss him off? We need to send out the patrol and land this guy for an interview. 

Listen to JJ on the Bus here: 

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