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The Avs-Oilers Game Is Off To An Electric Start. MacKinnon With Absolute GAS On His First Goal Of The Series

The Avs are just sooo fast. Darnell Nurse. Good player. Smart. Long reach. Can move well for his size. Did not matter. Quick up pass by Devon Toews and MacKinnon just went into another gear. The Avs had the puck for basically the entire period and as soon as the Oilers wrestled the game back with a goal to tie at 2-2, Makar did Makar things and absolutely SNIPED one in transition passed Mike Smith

The Avs are so fun to watch. Game breakers seemingly on the ice at all times. Only way to stop McDavid is to just never let the Oilers touch the puck and they basically did that. I hope we get 7 games of this. The over line can never be high enough. It was 7 at the start of the game and I got skittish. That was dumb. Buckle up. This is going to be a fucking track meet from start to finish.