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This Dad Just Risked His Entire Marriage For A Home Run Ball WHILE DANGLING HIS KID OVER THE FENCE

Alright, I will say the way this video is cut it looks like the dad is one-handing a home run ball, but it's bouncing off of the black background behind the apple at Citi Field. Regardless, he's risking EVERYTHING for that ball from Starling Marte. EVERYTHING. Baby is dangling like Blanket over the railing and dad doesn't give a shit, he just wants that ball. And he got it too. Palmed that bad boy. Imagine if he didn't and his wife sees that video of him just swinging the baby all around and he didn't even get the ball. That would be a tough look. Lucky for him he got the ball and the kid. Will make for a cool story in a few years but Jesus he put it all out there. I don't know how far the drop is but that is a ballsy move by pops. Kid has no clue but dad is celebrating his face off, kid just wants another French fry. An awesome grab by the dad and the kid is just head in the cloud, luckily he wasn't rolling around down there cuz dad wanted a ball. I really wanted this to be a catch but I'll take a one hander off the bounce, still an awesome play. Would have been a lonely Fathers Day in a few weeks if he hadn't held onto that little one.