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An Apache Helicopter Captured Video of UFOs 'Displaying Highly-Unconventional Flight Characteristics'

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I get that we've all got a ton of things going on right now. Summer just arrived. Prices of everything are out of control. Hockey and basketball playoffs. Plus the trifecta of Top Gun: Maverick, Stranger Things S4 and Obi Wan Kenobi. It's a lot for anyone to have on their plate. And we can all be forgiven for losing track of a little thing like the very skies above us being inundated with mysterious aircraft that are being tracked our most sophisticated detection systems. Or the federal government holding hearings into that very phenomenon:

Somehow that little piece of news got 1/10th the attention of a Pete Davidson romance, and 1% of whatever latest party the Queen seems to be throwing for herself this week. 

But maybe this little item will get some traction. Video from four years ago, taken from an Apache helicopter and released this week:

The Debrief released the footage. Let's let them explain:

Captured by one of the U.S. military’s flagship attack helicopters close to midnight on November 6, 2018, roughly 40 miles northwest of Tucson, Arizona, the video appears to show several unidentifiable objects maneuvering unlike any known aircraft. 

“Wow! Are those three really fast moving jets up there?” exclaims the Apache helicopter’s co-pilot and gunner as three objects suddenly appear, dashing across the sky as the aircraft prepares to take-off. 

“Probably. Probably some A10’s or some F-16s,” the Apache’s pilot replies, before admitting, “but, I’m not looking up there.” …

The co-pilot continues to follow the three objects with the aircraft’s multi-sensor imaging system, the Target Acquisition Designation Sight/Pilot Night Vision Sensor (M-TADS/PNVS). …

As they approach the foothills of nearby Picacho Peak, the three unknown objects suddenly appear to rotate around each other, as if revolving around an unseen axis, all while maintaining a steady eastward trajectory. 

After several rotations, the objects then resume an obtuse triangular formation before speeding out of sight as the Apache begins to take off. 

Although the encounter only lasted a few seconds, the unusual maneuvers conveyed in the video suggests it could represent the first publicly available imagery of UAP displaying highly-unconventional flight characteristics, captured by military sensor systems.  …

It was noted that in the video the Apache pilot can be heard interacting with air traffic control and requesting permission to take off. There is no mention by air controllers to the pilots of any other aircraft operating in the area. 

Another day, another chilling piece of evidence of these things' existence. Another display of their unimaginable capabilities. More inexplicable maneuvering far beyond the capacity of even our most cutting edge, experimental aircraft. Recorded by our most advanced technology, operated by the best and brightest among us. And therefore virtually impossible to dismiss with some simple explanation like weather balloons or swamp gas. 

And for what it's worth, this report comes out in the same week that some researcher publishes a paper claiming that, if you take the estimate that there are around 15,785 exoplanets in our galaxy, than at least four of them would be home to "malicious" alien life forms:

All we can do is hope not. Because if they're here with malicious intent, patrolling our skies in triangular formations that can spin around a common axis and then speed off into the night sky in front of the crew and equipment of an Apache, there's not a goddamned thing we can do about it. With any luck, they'll wait to destroy us until I've seen Maverick and finish Stranger Things and Obi Wan. Regardless, we are living on borrowed time.