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The SEC Sat Jimbo Fisher Between Two Conference Officials at the Spring Meetings to Make Sure He Didn't Go Off on Nick Saban Again

The SEC hates fun.

We finally got all of the conference's coaches together at the SEC Spring Meetings in Destin and they put Jimbo Fisher between the assistant principals — David Cutcliffe and William King both work in the SEC offices. They had to silence Jimbo for speaking too much truth to power! I'd bet Nick Saban put in a call to Birmingham to make sure this happened.

I would have paid $19.99 to stream this meeting on a pay-per-view if they had the balls to put Fisher and Saban next to each other. The only news of the two crossing paths so far was that they were in each other's general vicinity and didn't even see each other.

This was supposed to be when we got to see these guys really go at it after trading jabs in the media and they're just not going to even acknowledge each other? Soft. Saban and Fisher should have been next to each other in the middle of the table with empty chairs on either side of them just for extra effect.

I guess all we'll get out of Destin is future scheduling model and NIL talk, after all. Real shame.