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If I Did It: Hazing New Interns

Like OJ once wrote in the title of a book, 

If I Did It. 

I haven't done it or did it but if I were to haze the interns...

The first thing I would do is lock them in the radio room with a bunch of the warm beer that's gone skunk around the office. They wouldn't be allowed out till it's all gone. I would then take those gel guns and tell them they have 30 seconds to run around the office and hide while I hunt the most dangerous game (Man). Whoever gets shot has to go clean the PMT studio, whoever is the last one has to taze the other guys with one of the tazers laying around the office. Little does the first guy know that I have given them all the tazers and they just are in a royal rumble tazer boxing match once again locked in the radio room. (I would of course stream all this content).


After they are all tazed out they then have to call their moms and tell them they are drinking, pull trig while they are on the phone and then they're done. I mean I would think this would be a super fun first day.

If I Did It: Hazing. But I didn't *Parody Law*

I just made them clean larry's tank because I haven't done it in 5 months. 

See, doesn't look so bad after telling you what I coulda have done...

It's even Mintzy's birthday. So I got them to sing Happy Birthday Ben. Not bad at all. Coulda had a serious tazer royal rumble.