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Bo Burnham Released An Extra Hour Of Outtakes From His Netflix Special "Inside" On YouTube, And Its As Good As The Actual Special

HUGE NEWS! The minute this dropped I watched the whole thing. If Bo Burnham is involved in something, I'm watching. 

"Inside" has become one of my favorite specials of all time. I've documented this well, at Hamilton's expense:

My thoughts then:

Unbelievable. The Emmy's were on last night, and while the entire show was a cringe/snooze fest, one shining light was the fact that Bo Burnham's quarantine special, "Inside" was nominated for the Best Variety Special. No brainer, right? He bought all of the equipment, he edited, did lighting, wrote songs, acted, and produced one of the most unique and interesting specials I have ever seen. But…instead the award went to…a filmed version of a play that came out in 2015? Fuck off.

And my sentiments remain! So imagine my delight when I find we have ANOTHER hour of new/unseen Inside footage. The outtakes include a few brand new songs, really funny "drafts" of all the existing songs from the special, a ton of "fake commercials" made to look like YouTube ads, the introduction to the ICU (the Inside Cinematic Universe) and a lot of other pieces that he put so much thought and detail to, I'm not sure how they didn't make it to the original. I would've watched 3 hours of this from the jump. Thrilled he's released it, and I'm hoping he really does make 20 more of these.