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WATCH: The Seahawks Released An Awesome Video Of Their Draft Room Panicking When Kenneth Walker Refused To Answer Their Calls

I love that the Seahawks put this out because I want all the behind the scenes stuff out there. I don't want the edited, fake oh look how tough it was moments. Oh no. I want this. I want the Seahawks draft room panicking because Kenneth Walker's phone went straight to voicemail a bunch of times. I'm sure he was on the other line, but I like to imagine he was hitting ignore. Way funnier that way if he was like the rest of America and saw an unknown number and refused to answer. That's what we really need to fix here. Stop calling me and telling me my car warranty expired. I know it's not real, I don't need 42 calls a day from the same area code and first three digits of my number. 

I still think the best clip released from Draft day stuff is the Vikings front office legit laughing their asses off at the Eagles passing on Justin Jefferson: 

This is the sort of stuff that needs to be shared. It's 2022, we have cameras rolling every second of our lives basically, especially if you're in this sort of situation. Give me the uncut, unedited good stuff. I want to see the panic on the faces of GM's and coaches when they don't know if they have to blindly pick a guy because he's refusing their call. I want to see it unfold. I've said it numerous times, but I'm a sucker for drafts. I love them. The strategy, the smokescreens, the actual news, all of it. This just amplifies how crazy the Draft can be. 

There might not be a more honest moment or one that we can relate to the most as 'text him to pick up the phone.' Every single person has been in that situation before. It might be to a significant other for an answer or a fight. It might be making sure your friend is alive after a night out in your early-20s. Either way, that text has been sent millions of times. Now we're seeing it unfold for a 2nd round pick. 

Oh and call me crazy but if I was a prospect I'd Joe Dumars it and have numerous phones available at all times.

Allen Einstein. Getty Images.


I prefer making millions of dollars. That's just me though.