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Congrats To Jack Antonoff And Margaret Qualley On This Sunny Tuesday, Who Are Engaged and In Love

She loves him! He loves her! They are getting married! Why am I writing about this? 1. I love Margaret Qualley 2. Jack Antonoff has a crazy dating history and I don't feel like enough people remember that. The man dated Scarlett Johansson!

Evan Agostini. Getty Images.

Apologies to Margaret for bringing up old flames in her engagement post, but our guy Jack must have some secret sauce going on that brings in the hottest ladies. He's also of course, a huge part of Taylor Swift's life as a co-writer and creator on a lot of her songs. He honestly works with all the cool girls - Lorde, Lana de Rey, St Vincent, P!nk, Sara Bareillis, Fifth Harmony, Troye Sivan, Carly Rae Jepson…BANGER AFTER BANGER AFTER BANGER. What does this man have that makes him irreplaceable in the lives of these women/men?!

Congrats to the happy couple. Margaret is an actress so not sure if we'll get any marital collaborations, but maybe this is Jack's opportunity to try his hand at screenwriting? A love story by Jack Antonoff starring Margaret Qualley? CALL THE ACADEMY!