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McDavid vs MacKinnon Is The Matchup The NHL Desperately Needed And It Starts Tonight

What a fucking GIFT for ESPN/Turner.

This is the matchup we were all hoping for, but I didn't think Edmonton had enough to get here, but McDavid and Draisaitl straight up refused to be stopped against Calgary so here we are. 

I decided a long time ago that I wasn't going to be the "please like my sport" hockey guy on twitter because there is no way to make people like something that they've been aware of for years. 

Having said that...this is Bird-Magic in 1980 type stuff. Absolute super stars capable of putting teams on their back and changing the direction of a series by themselves. They're both at the peak of their powers. This is going to be an amazing series. The speed, the energy, the passion these two bring every shift is why their teams are in this position. I can't wait for tonight. They're going to put on a show and you should be watching if you have the chance.