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Maybe One Day All Business Pete Will Actually Respect Me

New episode is live from my summer location where All Biz Pete refused to get me wired Internet because he doesn't care about or respect my needs as the Chief Of Content.  The Celtics are in the Finals and I'm deciding who to sit next to court side.  I can't get enough of the Tommy Pham vs. Joc Pederson story.  Mintzy continues to be the King Of The South after standing up to the Vandy whistler.  Steven Cheah is a weirdo but somehow willed himself into a content job.  And the latest Bubbly Gang tweets plus if I'd ever have him on the show to discuss. Other topics: Rico is on to talk about the summer squeeze out and how he already hates the new summer interns, our Dozen match vs. the Yak, and we wrap up with reader e-mails. 

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