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If The Carolina Hurricanes Had An Ounce Of Integrity, They'd Let Rod Brind'Amour Go (Preferably To The Flyers)

Gregg Forwerck. Getty Images.

It's an age-old saying. If you love someone, let them go. 

Do the Carolina Hurricanes love Rod Brind'Amour? Do the Carolina Hurricanes respect Rod Brind'Amour? The only captain to ever lead the franchise to a Stanley Cup Championship? The only head coach to ever win a Jack Adams Award with the organization? Pretty much the entire reason why the Carolina Hurricanes are still even in existence is all thanks to Rod Brind'Amour. So now what?

4 disappointing playoff exits in a row. Maybe you can call it just 3 disappointing exits since I don't think anyone expected Carolina to get to the Conference Finals in '19. But they still got swept in that series soooo……yeah. 4 disappointing playoff exits in a row. Clearly the Canes just don't have any dogs on that roster who can go out there and take over a game when you need them the most. Rod the Bod can lead the squad all he wants, but at the end of the day the players need to be the ones who get over the hump. That shit ain't happening in Carolina anymore. Not when half their team hits free agency this July. But Rod Brind'Amour signed a 3-year contract extension last summer so he's pretty much screwed. Unless…

If you love someone, let them go. 

To Philadelphia. 

If there's anyone who can whip this sorry ass organization back into shape and into a perennial playoff team, it's Rod The Bod. 

The Flyers need to trim a TON of fat on their roster right now. Pretty sure The Bod knows a thing or two about how to get that done. You give Rod Brind'Amour 2 weeks with this Flyers team and Joel Farabee immediately becomes one of the most ferocious bastards in the league. Travis Konecny remembers how to play hockey again. Cam York? Well Cam York was born to have a coach like Brind'Amour, so they'll be a match made in heaven. 

Again, it's just not going to work out in Carolina. If the Hurricanes want to work out a deal, we can work out a deal. They can come pick out any 3 Flyers they want whose names aren't Joel Farabee or Carter Hart. Take any 3 Flyers and all you have to give Philly in return is Rod. It's a little 3-for-1 extended Memorial Day Weekend special. Just think about it.