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Aidan Hutchinson's Sister Winning Miss Michigan Is The Latest Example Of The Detroit Lions Return To Relevancy

We're officially in the year of the Lions. You don't have Dan Campbell as head coach with being the team on Hard Knocks and not have a few more breaks. I mean shit, they basically won the NFL Draft when they pissed off the NFL by turning in their card too quick. Again, not shocking when you remember Dan Campbell is their head coach and this is a real quote by Aidan Hutchinson: 

And now it's time to dominate off the field even more. It's a stone cold fact if you have a family member compete in Miss USA, you have a shot to win a Super Bowl. Gracie Hunt competed in Miss USA and we saw the Chiefs win 1 Super Bowl to complete their dynasty. Best 1 Super Bowl dynasty team ever. 

Star power. 

No possible way the Lions don't go at least 8-9 this year.