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A Man Dressed As A Little Old Lady In A Wheelchair Just To Smear A Cake On The Mona Lisa In Maybe The Dumbest Crime Ever Committed

A man dressed as a woman had sprung from a wheelchair and ducked under a rope barrier separating the painting from the crowd of about 100 people.

The visitors watched in disbelief as he began pounding on the glass that shields the painting. Then, Mr. Sundberg said, the man smeared what appeared to be cake all over the glass protecting what is one of the world’s most recognizable pieces of art.

The protester, whom officials have not named, faked a disability to get close to the Mona Lisa, according to the Louvre. The painting was not damaged, museum officials said.

“He threw a whole bunch of roses at me and then he started yelling,” he said.

Videos on social media showed that the man, speaking in French, yelled that there were “people who were destroying the planet” and “that’s why I did it.”


I fucking HATE this guy. DESPISE. Not necessarily because he vandalized the Mona Lisa. That does make you a giant asshole because that is one of the most famous and most revered pieces of art in Western Culture. On a human level, even if you don't give a fuck about art, you can't desecrate a master piece that has been around for like 500+ years now. It belongs to every human on Earth and even those not yet born. 

Having said that...this guy sucks because of all the time he spent on this plan. He had to sit there thinking about what to do to make a statement. He had to go out and buy a wheelchair. He had to buy a disguise. He had to wait in that fucking line at The Louvre which takes for fucking ever at the Mona Lisa (I've been there, not to brag), and then after all the hours of planning, waiting, dressing up, he does his master plan to wipe cake on a the master piece? On glass. It got wiped clean in probably 20 minutes. Like dude...plan ANYTHING else. This guy was so organized and driven to be an asshole, but I would bet anything he doesn't have a job. Doesn't have a job, but he has the audacity to vandalize The Mona Lisa and then lecture us about it. The absolute WORST person and there's seemingly more of them every single day. 

This is where we really need to get the B.A.N.G. system written into the Geneva Conventions or the Ten Commandments or something. BANG stands for "Be A Normal Guy/Girl". Bang. Just fucking BANG. Be normal. Don't be an asshole or at least limit being an asshole as much as you can. If everyone just tried to BANG the world would be a much better place. BANG.