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Love This Tennis Player's Dad Trying To Secretly Rip His Vape During a Match In The Most Obvious Way Possible

"As discreet as it gets. No one will ever notice as they watch my daughter play in the 4th round of the French Open," Sergio Giorgi probably said to himself as he sat court-side this morning at Roland Garros. 

At first I thought this Chancellor Palpatine/Doc Brown/Jon Bon Jovi look-a-like was casually blowing a few lines in the middle of his daughter's French Open match. Nope, he's actually ripping his vape in plain sight. Why didn't he blow the smoke into his jacket? Incredible thought process there. 

Would you rather your coach look like a mad scientist who is more focused on keeping his vaping a secret or a coach who is outright rooting for you to lose? Felix Auger Aliassime, the 21 year old who lost to Rafa yesterday in 5 sets, is coached by Toni Nadal, Rafa's uncle. Not only did Toni Nadal tell Felix he would not give him strategy or tactics before their match on Sunday, but he also publicly admitted he was rooting against the guy who pays him for coaching. 

??? At the very least don't say this stuff out loud. 

In a related point to close out the blog, it's wild someone who looks as deranged as Sergio Giorgi can have the same blood as his daughter. Camila Giorgi is a total smoke and very good at tennis, ranked 26th in the world at the moment. She may have lost today but she'll always have me as a fan.