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Rafa Nadal Survives a 5 Set Thriller, Improves To a Preposterous 109-3 At The French Open In His Career

JULIEN DE ROSA. Getty Images.

109-3. One hundred and nine and three. Rafael Nadal is 109-3 in his career at the French Open since he began playing the tournament in 2005. It's such an unfathomable statistic it almost has to be incorrect. No human on Earth has ever been more dominant doing anything I'm sure of it. The man is 35 years old and still taking down guys almost half his age. 

21 year old Felix Auger Aliassime is a solid top 10 player who probably played the best tennis of his life today. He pushed Rafa to the brink today.

As well as he played, it wasn't enough.

It's absolutely insane that he's still doing this shit. I honestly feel for Felix because I don't think he could've played any better today. You'd think at 35 and dealing with a foot injury from a few weeks ago that Rafa would be vulnerable in this spot, especially in a 5 set match. Nope. 

Well, now we get the big one. Novak Djokovic vs. Rafael Nadal in the quarterfinals of the French Open. It'll be the 59th time they've faced off and will give us a rematch of last year's epic semifinal. I cannot fucking wait. 

For the love of god please put this on NBC so everyone can watch. Don't hide this on Peacock or Tennis Channel, it's infuriating just guessing where every match is gonna be on. It's legit roulette how they do it and it's nuts. Use your brain one time.