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You'll Be Hard Pressed To Find A More Devastating Left Hook Than The One Tank Davis Delivered To Rolando Romero's Skull Last Night

ESPN - Gervonta Davis wasn't letting his hands go, and Rolando Romero took advantage. He stalked "Tank" Davis and even forced him to hold on at times after he connected with a couple of power shots.

But, as he always does, Davis found a way with his devastating left hand, a counter shot that sent Romero crashing face first on the rope. "Rolly" beat the count on unsteady legs, and the referee stopped the bout, giving Davis yet another brutal TKO victory on Saturday in a career filled with them.

The end came with 21 seconds remaining in Round 6 before 18,970 at a sold-out Barclays Center, allowing Davis to retain his WBA "regular" lightweight title and perhaps move on to a high-stakes showdown with Ryan Garcia, who was ringside.

Just got home from work and saw this and my jaw hit the floor. 

Not as hard or as fast as that shit-talking asshole Rolando Romero's, but close.

Honestly, watching this in real-time, it happened so quick you couldn't even see it. This is the money shot right here, from this angle. 

Flat out devastating. 

Watch this.

KO of the year is right Barstool social media intern who had the balls to tweet this.

Seeing it from this angle is crazy.

Again, the counter was so quick you could barely even see where it was thrown and when it connected. After being out scored most of the fight, and having Romero dictate the pace all night, everything turned on a dime. Which is one of the things that makes boxing still so great.

And honestly, you love to see this shit, after all the shit Romero talked leading up to this fight. Such a fucking punk.

Davis (27-0, 25 KOs) was set to fight Romero in December, but Romero was pulled from the fight after he was accused of sexual assault. Instead, Davis struggled to a decision over Isaac Cruz, his first distance fight since 2014.

In the meantime, no charges were filed against Romero, and the heated promotion that started in October kicked back into high gear as the underdog attempted to antagonize Davis. When the bell finally rang on the bout months in the making, Romero, known for his awkward, free-swinging style, employed a more focused, disciplined strategy.

He doubled and tripled up on the jab and effectively kept the smaller Davis at bay. On multiple occasions -- particularly in Rounds 2, 3 and 5 -- Romero connected with punches that caught Davis' attention. There was never any doubt Romero could punch. But in his first legitimate test, the question was whether he could box soundly round after round against one of the sport's elite fighters and prove he can absorb a punch.

Sidebar - Suck it Ryan

Tank was straight class after the fight too

Goodnight Brooklyn

p.s. - the king of cringe Jim Gray, nobody better in history of making shit more awkward. I'll still never understand how TB12 is boys with this guy.