UCLA Baseball Just Had One Of The Most Incredible Comeback Wins EVER, Down 21-12 Going Into The The Ninth Inning And Winning 25-22 In Extras

What a bizarre game here between Oregon State and UCLA in the Pac-12 Tournament. OSU held a 21-12 lead going into the ninth. Shouldn't be an issue, get some outs and close this bad boy out. Well that is why you never give up. The Nationals would be PISSED if they saw how hard UCLA played in the bottom of the 9th because they ended up scoring 9 runs to tie it up and send the game into extras. Talk about a rollercoaster of an inning. 


The full UCLA comeback is above, perfectly put together on a screen recorded video and it's as crazy as it sounds. No way a team is going to come back from 9 down to tie it. No chance that happens. Especially against a team like Oregon State. Everything about this game is bizarre and weird. After the Beavers scored a run in the top of the 10th it looked like that may be it for UCLA. A crazy comeback going to waste....but if you thought this game was going to have anything normal happen you're crazy. 

UCLA ended up loading the bases in the bottom of the 10th and scored the tying run on a balk by the Beavers. A balk! Of course it was a balk! Crazy way to tie it up that late but that isn't how the game ended. The three run homer ended up being the walk off to cap off arguably the craziest, and one of the highest scoring games you'll ever see. And you want to know something else? That home run by Tommy Beres was his first career homer. Decent timing for it Tommy! And not only was the win awesome and exciting for UCLA….NOW THEY HAVE TO PLAY OREGON STATE AGAIN! DIRECTLY AFTER! This is nuts. I love it all. What a crazy comeback win. 

PS. What is that call by the announcer? Do…something? What was that?