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Joc Pederson Came With Receipts Today Including The Harmless Gif That Set Tommy Pham Off While Also Revealing Pham Left Their League Mid-Season

This somehow keeps getting better and better. So we know Pham was suspended earlier today for three games after his slap of Joc on Friday. We got video of the slap and some weird explanation from Pham.

Well, after today’s game Joc talked to the media and brought receipts. 

Immediate thoughts as I type this on my phone. Tommy Pham lost his mind over that meme/gif? Gotta be kidding me dude. 

Pham left the league Week 4???? I mean what are we doing here? Gigantic loser/hardo move. Combine this with the fact that he calls himself a “big dog in Vegas” and he may very well be the most insufferable man in sports. 

Joc being dead pan during that entire interview was amazing. The way he’s handled all of this has been phenomenal. I think he’s my favorite non-Yankee now. 

Joc easily has won this entire situation. I really thought similar to the Mets Raccoon cover up I figured this was a fake story to hide something serious. Nope, just two multi millionaire athletes airing out their fantasy football fight to the public. Incredible.

What a time to be alive