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Mbappe Simply Doesn't Give A Single Fuck About Real Madrid Fans Trolling Him In Paris Before The Champions League Final

Champions League final today in Paris. Pretty big deal! Real Madrid vs Liverpool. Two pretty big names! You get the idea. But remember, Mbappe surprisingly turned down Real Madrid to stay at PSG and shockingly fans aren't taking it well. 

Now let's get one thing clear. Mbappe doesn't give a single fuck about these chants and signs. Why? This right here: 

I'd include the pictures, but the Internet sucks in 2022 and it'd be VERY expensive. I also like my job. 

The man is out here frolicking (great word) around with likely very attractive females. Plus he's riding a jet ski. Jet skis are fucking awesome. I don't know anyone who doesn't get jazzed up for a jet ski ride. They are fun as shit. Just go full throttle, hit the wake and get a little air. Oh not to mention the ho-hum $500 million contract he signed. 

And hey, I get it from Real Madrid fans. You're in France. You're in Paris. You're going to attempt to make fun of Mbappe. But the fact is you need to focus on the task at hand. Beat Liverpool and win a Champions League final. Yesterday was the day to make fun of Mbappe, today is Liverpool. Get your shit together. 

PS: Boom fucking roasted Mbappe: 

Julian Finney. Getty Images.