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Tommy Pham Allegedly Slapped Joc Pederson In The Face Before Their Game On Friday Because Of....Fantasy Football

Whaaaaat? I had to check 5 times this was a real headline and article from The Athletic. There was an altercation before the Reds - Giants game today between Tommy Pham and Joc Pederson. We didn't really know what it was about, just know there was some pushing, they had to be separated and that the Giants had asked the Reds to take Pham out of the lineup. Something smelled fishy, guys don't just get into it pregame for no reason. Well now we know. FANTASY FOOTBALL! It is being reported that the two are in the same fantasy football league and there was some sort of disagreement which led to Pham SLAPPING Joc in the face. I can't believe this is a real story. What a move by Pham. Sounds like they talked it out but Pham decided to go the slap route. Right in the face.


Again, it looks like a little dust up, but the beat reporters are saying it was a "Will Smith style slap" and that is an incredible statement to say in 2022. Coaches and players came in to break it up during BP but the damage was done. The slap was slapped. Is slapping that hot in the streets now?

Just incredible, absolutely incredible. Pham always seems to be in the middle of something. Whether it's at the strip club, with a fan, or now over fantasy football. It's crazy how it's always him. I'd love to know what this was about. A trade that didn't go through? Maybe Joc didn't pay his entry fee? Maybe he drafted someone Tommy wanted. For a baseball player to slap another player in the face pregame over fantasy football is wild. Absolutely wild. And it was what, 5 months after the season ended? My guess is Joc drafted like 3 QBs in the first 5 rounds and screwed it up for everyone. I hope we find out much more on this story cuz it could be juicy.