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The Team, The Team, The Team: OnlyFans Star Promises A Month Of Free Content If Real Madrid Wins The Champions League This Weekend

[Source] - The Paraguayan born model has recently transitioned to OnlyFans having appeared in both Playboy and Spanish nude magazine Interviu in the past.

She even offered her fans a free one month subscription to her OnlyFans if Los Blancos are able to beat Liverpool and win the Champions League following their semi-final win.

Tomorrow is the biggest club soccer match in the world. Champions League final between Liverpool and Real Madrid. I'm not here to break down the game. I'm here to bring you the important news. Mirtha Sosa, an OnlyFans star and diehard Real Madrid fan, is offering free content if Real Madrid wins. Let me tell you something, that's how you support the team. I know I'm not Glenny Balls when it comes to OnlyFans fandom, but this is important journalism. This is added pressure and encouragement for Real Madrid. 

What I like most about this is her offer is for the fans. That's how you know she's a diehard. Most of the time when this sort of story hits our desk, it's a benefit for a member of the team. Who could forget this story back in the day? 

Mirtha is here to help those like her. Those that are glued to the TV every match. Those living and dying with each Luka Modric pass. Those living and dying with each ridiculous comeback. Those who don't leave the stadium early. 

And yeah I'm sick of Liverpool even if Real Madrid is Kings of Europe. Plus I love Modric. So Hala Madrid.