Gun Control Is The Seemingly Most Divisive Topic That Shouldn’t Be That Divisive

Let me start by saying that talking about clearly political issues isn’t something that ZBT does all that often, but when something shakes the fabric of the nation, I feel like we have a responsibility to talk about it.

The weapons of war that were used this week on children in Texas isn’t unimaginable. It’s that we simply do not want to image the carnage that took place. Instead, we will stick our heads in the sand and act as if our political posturing and talking points truly mean something.

Life online can make us feel like this issue is a 50/50 political divide. It’s not. It’s far from that.

Give this week’s show a listen. We start with Kate on edibles and end talking about a tragedy that shouldn’t have happened once, let alone the dozens of times it’s happened since 1999.


The guns segment starts at 1:35:25.