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Pray For The Premier League: Antonio Conte Is Reportedly Staying At Tottenham And Will Have A Shit Ton Of Money To Spend

[Source] - Antonio Conte is set to stay at Tottenham Hotspur in what represents a huge boost for the club and chairman Daniel Levy ahead of their return to the Champions League.

Paratici has promised Conte that Spurs will try to make at least six new signings this summer, with the majority of the £150 million invested into the club this week likely to go to the Italian

Oh hell yeah. This is exactly what I needed to see heading into Memorial Day Weekend. No more wondering if Antonio Conte will leave. No more wondering if Antonio Conte will have money to spend and be able to upgrade as he sees fit. Beautiful, beautiful news. Getting into the top-4 was step 1, now it's time to compete for a title. Make the upgrades, let Conte get his guys in there and do something. Please, I'm begging to see a title of some sort here soon. 

Now feed me all the rumors:

Gabriel Jesus, Ivan Perisic, etc. I want them all. Let Conte work his magic because nothing else has truly worked in terms of winning a title. Like I said, top-4 this past season (suck it Arsenal) was step 1. Now it's time to do something off of that. 

I mostly didn't want to go through another manager search. Ideally if Spurs lost Conte, it would have just been calling up our old pal Poch and convincing him to leave PSG and come back home. I simply couldn't go through another Nuno experience. 

So yeah I'm chalking this up as a win. We can win with Conte. That's all that matters.