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That's Just Some Good Old Fashioned Team Bonding Right There

The thing about guys is that they love being dudes. Heck, they're downright addicted to being dudes. And when you get a bunch of dudes together in the locker room, obviously some tomfoolery is going to be afoot. 

Ain't nothing wrong with a little dick-to-butt action in the tunnel. All is fair in love and pregame. If that's what gets the fellas buzzing then that's what gets the fellas buzzing. And clearly it was working for the time being. The Swiss came into this game against Team USA as the 1-seed in the tournament. You dry hump your teammate in the tunnel before a game and you win? You have to keep doing it from that point on. You can't mess with a winning recipe. That becomes the standard. It's routine. And unless you're actively trying to sabotage your own team, you don't mess with that routine. 

Only thing is Team USA ended up bending the Swiss over and doing a little bit of plowing of their own once the game got going. 

A 3-0 win for Team Freedom on their way to the semifinals. 

But the point remains the same. That's just some good ol' wholesome team bonding. Let the boys play.