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The Battle of Alberta Is Sheer CHAOS As Oilers And Flames Combine For Fastest 4 Goals In Playoff History

Icon Sportswire. Getty Images.

What is it with these teams? They seem insistent on spoiling us hockey purists. I'd had my fill after a 9-6 Calgary win in Game 1. Then, Connor McDavid kept going God Mode and helping Edmonton win the next three. With the Flames' postseason lives at stake on Thursday, Game 5 decided to get feloniously drunk and account for more INSANE goal-scoring.

Bless you Spittin' Chiclets and Mr Matthew CFB Twitter guy for getting these posted in such quick succession.

I mean the announcers don't even have time to catch their breath to call these things. I don't even have time to break them down or fully appreciate them. I usually like to get a little more into it. But this is Oilers-Flames. Battle of Alberta. Playoff hockey. High-quality shit. Just watch and enjoy and let me get the hell out of the way.