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Tracy McGrady 'Doesn't Give A Shit' About Getting Snubbed From The NBA's 75th Anniversary Team

On today's Pardon My Take... TRACY McGRADY! The Hall of Famer joined Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter on today's show to discuss his new 1-on-1 league, his legendary pants that went viral, how he found out he was Vince Carter's cousin, and much more. Another topic that the guys touched on included how McGrady, a seven-time NBA All-Star, was left off the NBA's 75th Anniversary Team. What was T-Mac's response to that decision? We got the answer on today's show:

Mr. Cat: So, I want to talk about your career because, like I said, you know, I was a big fan of yours. The 75 top players that got announced, I was thinking about it, I actually think that you benefitted from it, being outside of it, because everyone was like, "Tracy McGrady should be top 75," and I think you should be. But like, if you were 74, yeah it would have been nice to be acknowledged at halftime, but weirdly, like, 76 is better because everyone's like, "Where the fuck is T-Mac? He's clearly a top 75 guy." And you had everyone kind of standing up for you, which you deserved. So like, did you see it that way, where it's like, "Hey everyone's kind of giving me my flowers, so to speak, in this way?"


Tracy McGrady: Yeah, no, I did feel that my fans had my back in that. It showed me that I had a lot of love out there. But with that said, you know, I don't take away from, you know, anybody that was on that list. I mean, obviously when you make a list like that, with all the great players that have come through our league, somebody is going to get snubbed. Somebody is going to get left off, and it's going to leave room for those types of conversations, I just happened to be one of those guys. I'm in the Hall of Fame, I don't give a shit about that top 75 list, like, what is that? I'm stamped in the Hall of Fame, so…

Mr. Cat: But you were an egregious omission. Like, I think everyone was like, "How is T-Mac not on here?"

A Hall of Famer.

A 7x NBA All-Star.

A 2x All-NBA First Team.

A 2x NBA Scoring Champion.

But not on the 75th Anniversary Team? Hmmm. But as T-Mac said, everyone on that list deserves to be on that list, too. Somebody was going to miss the cut, and it just happened to be him. But guess what? Tracy McGrady doesn't give a shit.