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The Inside Story of My Battle with The Vandy Whistler

For a decade, SEC Baseball fans have been getting their ears tortured by high pitched whistling at Vandy games.

Before the Ole Miss/Vandy game Tuesday Night at SEC Tourney in Hoover, I decided it was time to make a public stand.

I spent the first few innings trying to pinpoint his exact location by the Vandy dugout. The original plan was to sneak a row behind him & ear hole him with as loud of a yell as possible.

However, that plan was foiled because of the kid behind him showing him all of my tweets. The Whistler also caught me taking this picture of him in 3rd inning.

He yelled at me some and I walked back to the center concourse behind home plate. The woman he was with told security and was circling me in the next inning. I debated how to proceed next.

I decided the hell with it and opened for a face to face encounter with a camera behind me. I figured the worst case scenario was me getting tossed from the game and what a cause to go down for.

So I went for it in the middle of the 5th & all hell broke loose….

“You Are a Disgrace to the Southeastern Conference!”

Vandy All American Enrique Bradfield was standing right there on deck too and had a funny reaction. I am pretty sure Vandy Coach Tim Corbin was there as well.

Right after the video, security caught me on the concourse. They threatened to toss me out of the game. I assured them I would stay in Ole Miss section the rest of the game and let me go after saying I was getting tossed if I came back to Vandy section. I kind of wish they did to be honest with how the rest of the game went. 


The video of the confrontation instantly went viral online ESP when Hank caught it.

Dave Portnoy and Big Cat retweeted it the next morning. It even united the divided SEC fanbases for a moment. And now 40 hours later it has a WHOPPING 2.6 MILLION VIEWS! Banana land!

Yesterday articles popped up online about the confrontation and I went on a bunch of radio shows. I even got pranked by Big Cat & Kate on The Yak as I was on The Next Round in Birmingham.

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