We Have Finally Caught On To The Eddie Argument Playbook

If you haven't seen that clip above, our guy Eddie clearly not a dog guy. Not everyone is. I am sure that Stalin and Mao weren't dog guys either. Eddie has repeatedly said that he "likes dogs an appropriate amount". Apparently an "appropriate amount" means blatantly ignoring a perfect golden retriever puppy when all he wanted was some love, affection, and attention. Eddie almost scarred that puppy for life so I had to put aside my obligation for humanity and man's best friend in its formative years. Can't have that puppy living a life where it's skittish of humans because Eddie couldn't bring himself to even look at the dog. 

Obviously we talked about this on Redline this week and what we got was a CLASSIC Ed move. First page of the playbook for Ed. He is the Houdini of escaping the internet. 

Remember that scene in "Dodgeball" where the coach gives the 5 Ds of dodgeball? That is Edddddie to a T. Dodge, deflect, distract, distort, defame. "I am getting killed for ignoring a dog? Well, let's talk about your trivia performance". And if I hadn't been in the room with WSD when the cameras were rolling our friend Edward would've gotten away with it. Credit where it's due. He is very good at executing this play. It's like Vince Lombardi with his power sweep. Just keeps running it because it almost always works. 

The fact that Ed might get to do a face-to-face with the puppy just shows the power of the internet and the power of the stoolies. Full details in the dogwalk ep below