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Travis Barker's Doctor Told Kourtney Kardashian That "Drinking Travis' Sperm Several Times A Week Is Good For Her Fertility Treatments"

Kourtney Kardashian was instructed to drink more than just green smoothies to regulate her thyroid levels.

On Thursday's new episode of "The Kardashians," she claimed her doctor actually recommended she drink now-husband Travis Barker's semen multiple times a week to keep her thyroid in check.

She was speaking to Ayurvedic expert Marta Soffer when she made the reveal, after the holistic specialist wondered about her levels and what doctors said about his sperm during a meeting with the couple.

"Yeah they said he has top-notch [sperm]," Kourtney told Soffer, while Barker claimed "they said it was Grade A."

As for her thyroid levels, Kourtney said her doctor told her "the thing that would help it was drinking his c-- like four times a week." Cracking up, Barker said, "I love this doctor."

Now what kind of doctor are we working with here, huh? What's her name? Her address? Her weaknesses? Why do I ask? SHE MUST BE STOPPED.

We can't have doctors out here PRESCRIBING BLOW JOBS. We just can't. Kourtney has always been a health freak and very trusting of all the doctors around her. This latest one, helping her and Travis with their fertility journey, has instructed that she drinks Travis' cum "multiple times a week" to keep her thyroid in check. How much did you pay this woman, Travis? What kind of deal did you make with her to encourage, in a medical capacity, that Kourtney swallows 3-5 loads a week? Is she a huge Blink 182 fan? Seriously. This cannot continue. No matter how many girls tell you they "LoOoOOOoOoOOoOove giving blowjobs," I promise you, it's not all that. Blow jobs (to completion) are great, when they're quick and spontaneous. Not when they're medically required. It's already a job, now you want to trick us into thinking we need it for our SURVIVAL? Get the fuck out of here. 

What about girl cum? Is that good for a man's thyroid? Do I need to start demanding my pussy eaten more? "Babe, it's for your health." If that's the case, I'm all for it. Equality, that's what it's all about, right?