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Championship Weekend Is Finally Here And All Eyes Are On The Kirst Bowl

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It doesn't get any bigger than Memorial Day Weekend in the sport of lacrosse. There's a strong chance the PLL will surpass the NCAA Final Four somewhere down the road. But as of right now, MDW is the biggest stage that lacrosse has to offer. And right there front and center on that stage is going to be a little family therapy session with CJ Kirst and Cornell taking on Colin Kirst and Rutgers. 

Brother vs brother. Attackman vs goalie. A matchup that has probably happened no less than 4,000 times in the backyard. 

That game, and specifically that matchup, are both going to be great to watch on Saturday at noon. Cornell and Rutgers are both pretty similar team. Real solid goaltending, a couple difference makers on defense, an offense that gets most their damage coming from the attack. I see that game coming down to the final possession, which could make it even more interesting if it's Cornell with the ball. Honestly I don't even know if I'd want to watch the game at that point as much as I'd want an iso cam on the Kirst family up in the stands. 

The only issue is that both of these teams will just be playing to have the honor of getting their asses handed to them by Maryland in the National Championship game. Because this is the most dominant college lacrosse team we've seen in over a decade, they're an absolute machine, they're playing their best lacrosse of the season right now, they've already beaten Princeton this year, they've already annihilated Rutgers twice, and I'm sure they'd make quick work out of Cornell. So the Kirst Bowl is going to be awesome, but in the end it's going to be pointless because the Terps are a wagon. 

So on today's episode we get you ready for all of that with our Championship Weekend Preview Show. We preview the men's DI semifinal games, and give our picks on the women's DI semi's as well as the men's DII and DIII national championship games. 

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NCAA Championship Weekend Schedule

Women's Final Four

Friday // 3pm // ESPNU // UNC vs Northwestern (Jordie's pick: UNC)

Friday // 5pm // ESPNU // Maryland vs Boston College (Jordie's Pick: BC)

Men's Final Four

Saturday // Noon // ESPN2 // Cornell vs Rutgers (Jordie's Pick: Cornell)

Saturday // 2:30 // ESPN2 // Maryland vs Princeton (Jordie's Pick: Maryland)

DIII National Championship Game

Sunday // 1pm // RIT vs Union (Jordie's Pick: RIT)

DII National Championship Game

Sunday // 4pm // Tampa vs Mercy (Jordie's Pick: Tampa)