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Scientists Used Lasers To Scan The Floor Of The Amazon And Found A Man-made Structure That Is EIGHT STORIES HIGH

Jungle-penetrating lasers have peeked through the dense Amazonian rainforest to reveal the ruins of 11 previously unknown settlements decorated with vast pyramids and waterways.

As reported in the journal Nature today, scientists examined six areas within a 4,500 square kilometer (1,737 square mile) region of the Llanos de Mojos in the Bolivian Amazon using helicopter-mounted lidar imaging technology. In total, they discovered two new large settlement sites named Cotoca and Landívar, and 24 smaller sites – of which only 15 were previously known to exist.

Oh FUCK yes. It is days like this where I am so disappointed that I didn't pursue my childhood dream of becoming Indiana Jones. I really fucked that up. I had two heroes when I was like 8-10 years old. Indiana Jones and Mario Lemieux. I spent way too much time trying to be Mario before realizing that I wasn't going to be a 6'6 center with insane vision and puck skills. I fucked that up. It could be me flying a helicopter over the Bolivian rainforest blasting the woods with lasers to find out what is underneath there. 

It is INSANE to me that it took lasers cutting through the forest to find a building over 70 ft tall. How big is that fucking jungle coverage? There's probably a truckload of artifacts with super natural powers and buried treasure. I have to get down there. Greatest boondoggle content series ever. "ReDiscovering (South) America". Get me Donnie, Nick, KB, Sydney (to protect us from wildlife in the jungle), and WSD (in case we need to offer someone up as a human sacrifice) and let us find the secrets of the Amazon. 


I would LOVE to have Graham Hancock on dogwalk at some point to talk about all of this shit because it is FASCINATING to me.