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A "Sharkano" Erupted In The Depths Of The Pacific Ocean Unleashing Mutant Sharks Upon The Seas

Metro UK - A Nasa satellite has captured the moment a massive underwater volcano erupted in the depths of the Pacific Ocean.

This particular volcano – the Kavachi volcano – is well-known to scientists following an oceanic study that took place there in 2015.

Researchers found that fish and sharks inhabit the super-heated sulfer-infused acidic waters around the volcano.

The water contains volcanic rock fragments and it’s believed the sharks may have actually mutated to help them cope with the extreme conditions.

‘Populations of gelatinous animals, small fish, and sharks were observed inside the active crater, raising new questions about the ecology of active submarine volcanoes and the extreme environments in which large marine animals can exist,’ the scientists wrote at the time.

Kavachi has even been given the nickname ‘Sharkcano’ due to the inhabitants living in its harsh conditions.

The recent eruption was captured by Nasa using the Operational Land Imager – a powerful scanning telescope aboard the orbiting Landsat 8 satellite.

It’s capable of taking detailed photos of land and sea from space. Nasa’s image shows a large plume of discoloured water being emitted from the submerged volcano. According to the space agency, it lasted several days between April and May 2022.

I said this the other day but it bears repeating- does anything surprise us as human beings living in the year 2022 anymore? Honestly?

Mutant sharks blasted out of an abyssal volcano out into the sea to wreak havoc on the ecosystem and procreate, spawning even more mutants? 

Giphy Images.

Sounds par for the course nowadays to be honest.

I mean look at this shit.

Here goes Dante putting on his crazy tinfoil hat again being a moron- but are we sure the aliens we keep looking for out in the galaxy aren't actually already here? Deep deep under water? 

Not to go all Aquaman here, but the ocean makes up SEVENTY PERCENT of this planet, 70%! And we know about and have seen how much of that? A fraction right? We're physically incapable of descending deep enough to see what's really down there, and our technology, as advanced as it is, can't handle the pressure that comes with those kinds of depths. So really, who fucking knows whats going on down there?

If mutant hammer head sharks are a thing than anything and everything is in play. 

I saw The Abyss and it really made you think.

Not to mention the Ancient Aliens guys have been screaming this theory for years!

And if you really wanna get nuts, or just call me nuts, we can get into the entire discussion about octopus/octopi. If you've watched the doc "My Octopus Teacher" it will really fuck you up. Not only do I not eat octopus anymore, but I'm convinced these things are aliens. They have three hearts, blue blood, can camouflage themselves to blend in with anything, including looking invisible, they have brains scientists still can make heads or tails of, and they are conscious beings with minds. Crazy shit.